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Born and raised on his family dairy farm in Belgium, Filip has spent 25 years advising, managing and consulting on dairy farms across the world.

His experiences and expertise are extensive and he constantly focuses on increasing herd health, labour efficiency and maximising farm profitability through innovation in automatisation and protocol management.

In the U.S. he was the first to reduce the average somatic cell count score below 100.000 for 3 consecutive years on a large 2,500+ herd farm averaging 39kg/day. As a result the farm was rewarded with the DFA milk quality award.

In Western Europe, Filip is an active partner at LIBA, the dairy consulting specialists and over the past 3 years he has worked globally for Cid Lines, a global supplier of dairy hygiene products. He was responsible for helping dairy producers with today’s biggest challenge : “ increasing udder health in times of expanding herd size.”

Filip comments: “With AktivPuls we have developed a milk cluster and liner concept that brings unprecedented innovation to the dairy industry. I am passionate about improving standards across the sector and dramatically improving profitability. Enhanced animal welfare is at the core of this.”

Filip adds: “Take care of your cows in the most gentle way possible and they will take care of you.”

To find out more contact Filip on +32/479.930.175 or e-mail him at f.jamart@aktivpulseurope.com 


Born and raised in The Netherlands, Edwin has spent more than 30 years in the International Agri and Food industry.

He has an enviable track-record in market led research and development, and has been heavily involved in many executive roles in businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to international corporates and everything in between.

Inherently curious and always looking for better ways, Edwin has invested, developed and introduced many successful new products for the international dairy sector.


Edwin commented:

“I constantly trying to optimise our dairies by improving dairy cow health and welfare to produce higher quality milk”

His philosophy is at the core of the ™AktivPULS milking system:

As Edwin explains, this system was developed to enhance animal health: “Result oriented with proven success; a healthy cow is performing the best and it maximizes the farm profit”


To find out more contact Filip on +32/479.930.175 or e-mail him at f.jamart@aktivpulseurope.com

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