The relationship between
Hyperkeratosis and Mastitis.

Take the first step towards
eliminating Hyperkeratosis
and Mastitis.

“ On the left : teat end without hyperkeratosis. On the right : teat end with hyperkeratosis which forms the ideal environment for contagious bacteria growth ”.

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  • 1. The teat canal forms the key primary physical and chemical barrier to the invasion of mastitis pathogens in the udder (Hamann, 1987).
  • 2. Ideally, the muscles around the teat duct contract, closing the teat canal in between milkings, which stops the movement of bacteria from the teat opening to the gland.
  • 3. Many studies have concluded that well-conditioned teat ends are important in restricting the bacterial colonisation of the mammary gland.
  • Progressive stages of Hyperkeratosis:
  • 4. Repeated milkings will often lead to changes in the teat-end tissue and callous rings will form around the orifice.
  • 5. These changes are the result of the build-up of callous tissue and are associated with the forces created by the vacuum and are exacerbated by aggressive milking.
  • 6. Whilst other factors have an influence, the importance of milking management, the milking environment and/or the milking machine remain critical.
  • 7. During the suction phase, the vacuum should be at approximately 40kPa to achieve optimal milking. During the rest phase this needs to be reduced below 20 kPa.
  • 8. Studies from the University of Giesen, the Agricultural Institute of Saxony and the Technical University of Munchen-Weihenstephan show that a lower rest phase vacuum reduces the formation of teat rings and damage to the teat end (Hyperkeratosis).
  • 9. It’s widely accepted that Mastitis will cost anything up to £300.00/per annum. In terms of vet fees, lost milk production and the increased susceptibility to further Mastitis


is proven to achieve optimal milking using lower teat end vacuum, particularly during the rest phase.

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