Aggressive milking damages the
teat, significantly increasing the
risk of Hyperkeratosis, the biggest
contributory factor towards Mastitis

Take the first step towards
eliminating Hyperkeratosis

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The ™AKTIVPULS Liner spreads the compressive load on the teat, reducing trauma to the teat end and body.

The unique venting design ensures teat end vacuum drops far lower than in conventional designs, significantly reducing the potential for congestion.

Jacques and Bernice Monbalieu, Belgium.

“We switched to AktivPuls clusters 5 months ago and over that period our Hyperkeratosis score has reduced by more than 70%. The teats are closing far quicker after milking and the Mastitis percentage has reduced to 0.5%. Typically, it ranges between 2 and 3%. As a result, the veterinary and antibiotic costs have also dropped significantly.”


“Cluster “on-time” has reduced, yields are optimal, the cows are not “dancing” and the first calving heifers are more relaxed.””


“We are delighted with AktivPuls.”

Ferme IRMA, St-Albert, Quebec – 16 point swing over

3 years using the AKTIVPULS SYSTEM

“Empty udders, even milk outs and less stress on cows during milking” “Improved teat end condition and we are actually getting 8000 milkings between liner changes”

Dekker Dairy, Palmerston, Ontario – 30 point rotary

1 year using the AKTIVPULS SYSTEM

1 year using the AKTIVPULS SYSTEM “Much better milk out compared to the inflations we used before”

Evergreen Holsteins, Ethel, Ontario – 2 x 20 parallel

18 months using the AKTIVPULS SYSTEM

18 months using the AKTIVPULS SYSTEM “Instant results in improved milking, less liner slip and reattaches” “More even milk out” “Overall we have seen our SCC and mastitis treatment decrease” “Teat ends look fantastic”

A more gentle milking regime using a dynamic teat vacuum:

  • Promote superior udder health by reducing trauma and teat damage
  • Improve yields whilst reducing costs
  • Eliminate Hyperkeratosis
  • NB: Even minor hyperkeratosis can increase the risk of Mastitis by up to 40%
  • Mastitis has been calculated to cost the global dairy industry €15bn to €25bn per annum
Revolutionise the milking process with ™AKTIVPULS,
using the patented SSC technology

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Revolutionise the milking process with ™AKTIVPULS,
using the patented SSC technology

flexible self-cleaning nozzle

  1. Maintenance free
  2. No vacuum stress
  3. Special JETTER Cups not required

B. Integrated canal spreads the distribution of the vacuum across the teat

C. 7 assymetric teat massage zones, creating a perfect fit for teats of all shapes and sizes

D. Angled vacuum outlet which promotes improved vacuum relief

SSC patented technology creates a more gentle milking regime which is softer on the teat. The Silicon Pro TM 1 technology increases the lifespan of the liner – up to 8,000 milkings.

1 Hi-tech silicon quality, meets Bfr (EUR) and FDA CFR (USA) guidelines.

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